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OpenInterest   This is the home of Open Interest, a web-based options browser. Open Interest allows you to download free options quotes from the internet, and display this raw data, along with derived data (implied volatilities, the 'greeks', etc.) and to create graphics showing the behaviour of different options combinations. Upgrading?
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Open Interest Version 4.2.5d is now available, with a new lower price of $250. New features: updated support for Australian (ASX) options, in addition to the existing support for US exchange-traded options. With OpenInterest v4 you can create and test user-defined trades of up to ten legs each; see volatility skew ("smile") graphs for entire option chains; enhanced historical volatility graphs; and improved user interface.

Perform scenario testing to discover the theoretical values of options according to your predictions and see historical price and volatility charts for the underlying stock. This release also adds powerful analysis tools to Open Interest. There are hundreds of possible option plays - but which one should be the most profitable based on your predictions, your budget, and your preferred trading strategies? The new Strategies Page lets you automatically evaluate hundreds or thousands of trades:

  • covered calls
  • spreads
  • straddles
  • strangles
  • butterflys
  • synthetics
  • user-defined trades
  • ...and more!
Version 4 also plots "rubber-band" dynamic Profit/Loss and greeks Graphs that move as you adjust your predictions, so you can see the trade's sensitivity to volatility, interest rates and time.

Version 4.2 adds the powerful "Trade Builder" capability that allows you to build and test arbitrary options positions of up to 10 legs. Also included are numerous user-interface improvements, such as a toolbar and navigation aids to streamline your options analyses.
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Dynamic Graphing!
The profit/loss behaviour of a 3-leg position, as time moves to expiry

Volatility Smile
The volatility skew chart for an option chain
Free Forever   Open Interest Version 1   provides basic option analysis capability. This version of Open Interest is freeware.
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Rocky Point   We produce and sell OpenInterest financial software, and also do contract software development in the financial, telecommuncations and high-tech industries. Previous customers have included professional traders at the AMEX, Nortel, Computing Devices, and others. Contact us for further information.
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