Open Interest Version 1


Open Interest (release history) is a simple browser application that allows you to quickly and easily view options data, and to export that data to other applications, such as a word processor or spreadsheet program.

It's free!

Open Interest is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 program for options analysis. Used with your internet connection, it can download from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) website entire option chains for US equities and indexes. Open Interest also can obtain and display data from the

  • AMEX options exchange (AMEX)
  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
  • Montreal Exchange (options) (M-X)
Open Interest then displays the quote information, along with the conventional sensitivities (delta, gamma, vega/tau, rho, theta) and other information.

Open Interest version 1 is available now. Read about the currently available features. More advanced features can be found in Open Interest version 4.

To get an idea of what information Open Interest displays, take a look at this screen shot.

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Try it now (approximately 2.7 Megabytes).

Save the download file on your hard drive. When the download is complete, execute the downloaded file ("setup1.exe"). Open Interest will be installed in your start menu, along with an 'uninstall' menu item, in case you ever want to remove the program from your system.